My number one goal with every customer is to form a relationship based on trust so that we can both grow together – Marty Shekelton


Recently they helped us convert from the Nortel system to their own VOiP solution. The conversion was seamless and the system works flawlessly for our 10 person studio. Rick Y. on Yelp


Bill Bartlett Kitchen Village

Bill Bartlett
Kitchen Village

When you call someone after the sale, you want them to respond, you don’t want them to disappear on you. Marty always calls back, we’ve added and replaced a few items. Whenever we have question, he is responsive and calls back. The service is excellent.


Bill Roth Fabrication Technologies

Bill Roth
Fabrication Technologies

We were at risk of a major breakdown without phone or voicemail, we were expanding and installing a  new computer room. We were looking for a company that could supply phone systems and wiring for computer data as well as phone systems.

If you need a new phone system or wiring for your small business, I would recommend Marty. I used him once and I would use him again.


John Smith Tower Travel Management

John Smith
Tower Travel Management

Training is a critical part of having our folks knowing how to make calls, receive calls, programming the phones, etc. Marty has helped with those and many other needs over the years.